Edale Mountain Rescue Fund Raiser

On Friday 9th June Toby Hobbs, Ashley Renshaw and I came across an accident on Cooking on Gas  at the Lady Cannings Plantation

A young guy on a bike was quite badly injured, there were a few people helping him out and we got involved in helping in any way we could. 

Over the next few hours the emergency services and Edale Mountain Rescue did a sterling job and  helped him to hospital


Edale Mountain Rescue are a volunteer group that rely on donations, so this set Toby and I to thinking how we could help.

Raffle Prizes


Mark Burton from  Expert Bike Repair offered to get involved and has offered £50  worth of shop credit to us for a prize.  
J E James Sheffield  have offered a  £35 service  Many thanks to their new manager Steve.

James at the Bike Garage at Bamford has offered  a half day rental of a full suss mountain bike as a prize

18 bikes n hope have offered £50 shop credit



Its awesome to see  these local businesses supporting this  great cause


We intend on raffling off  tickets for for 2 weeks  and  then donating it all to  Edale Mountain Rescue    Tickets cost £3 each.  if your feeling flush feel  free to buy more than one!

We will

I will cover any Paypal  fees personally as my own additional donation to  EMR.

Below is a Paypal button to buy a raffle ticket at the awesome cost of £3.  That’s less than the price of a pint, or a coffee in Costa,  to support this hardworking group.

On Monday 26th June I will  video  the  raffle draw and post up the winning details.

I will add daily updates on Tickets sold so we can all keep an eye on progress.  

BUY A TICKET HERE             I


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Monday        12/06/2017   £27 Sold.          Total sales = £27
Tuesday        13/06/2017   £60 Sold.          Total sales = £87
Wednesday  14/06/2017   £39 Sold.          Total sales = £126
Thursday      15/06/2017   £21 Sold.          Total sales = £147
Friday            16/06/2017   £48 Sold.          Total sales = £195
Saturday       17/06/2017   £3 Sold  .          Total sales =  £198
Sunday          18/06/2017   £0 sold              Total sales = £198
Monday        19/06/2017   £81 Sold.          Total sales =  £279
Tuesday        20/06/2017   £45 Sold.          Total sales = £324
Wednesday  21/06/2017                  .          Total sales = £324
Thursday      22/06/2017                  .          Total sales = £324
Friday            23/06/2017                  .          Total sales = £324
Saturday       24/06/2017                  .          Total sales = £324
Sunday          25/06/2017   £9 sold  .          Total sales = £333